24 July 2000 : It took more than 2 weeks to Nautix 0.2.7 - "dwarf effect", but I think waiting wasn't worthless: The game now goes straight up to be playable! I received some mails from users which expected this already, and the download statistics are growing fast. This leads to the conclusion that I will try even harder to manage the development, and this is what has already improved:
  • More planets on the homepage, new ones included in the package
  • Stabilized GL code, some basic actions work now
  • own fellows are now visible on the planet
  • Improved Chat and Client windows
  • Updated and enhanced documentation

8 July 2000 : The new version (0.2.6 - "bug breed") - here it is. There are lots of graphical enhancements, but also a better gameplay quality and system integration of the game. Of course this version is really unstable - in contrast to the documentation which has been updated to reflect the latest features. Nautix now supports "themes" (like desktop themes), and got a configuration class. Did I forget something? Ah yes - bug fixes!

25 June 2000 : Welcome to the new homepage! And welcome to Nautix 0.2.5, a relatively stable version with many features including multiplayer support, a 3D planet and the very first Avatars! Here is what Nautix can do currently:
  • Simple roleplay: You are a character in the game, called an Avatar, who has special properties and interests. It is only a static cube and sphere for now, but this will change quickly.
  • Multiplayer: Using Zombie, you can already join a game, create teams and see each other.
  • Planets: Nautix is real 3D, even the battlefield is a large sphere. A level consists of 1 Planet.
  • Chat: Using the chat, you can speak to all or to selected persons as well as gather information.

I called 0.1 stable :)

Mass attack

Another 3DOM model