Regarding Open Source projects there is often a lack of documentation. Nautix now offers a complete HTML documentation including a manual, a tutorial, the Nautix lexicon and more. These texts aim at the next stable version (0.3.0) of Nautix, so they are neither complete nor do they tell the exact explanations of some features not implemented yet.

Download it
The documentation is a bundle of files that is not larger than 500 kBytes. Click here to get the texts and manuals including images.

Or read it online:
Nautix documentation for 0.2.7

If you have a question, please write a mail to Before, you have to subscribe to the nautix-devel list.

In the press
There are many places where to publish Open Source software. Here you will find a list of the ones which have mentioned Nautix and are useful for game development resources: - you can search for Nautix
Linux Game Tome - even penguins like to have fun
Linuxberg - Linux software collection - always up to date
LGDC - resources, tools
Statistics - how many came before you :)

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