Nautix developers
This page contains changes, future plans and resources for Nautix developers. Feel free to join if you want.

Current state of development
It is useful to handle each window of the game separately. They all communicate over the main window and the network API. 100% means the claims for version 0.3.0 are fulfilled.
Main window: 80%
Chat: 90%
OpenGL view: 70%
Clients window: 80%
Connection dialog: 100%
Toolbox: 50%

This one is an unfinished version with some wrong OpenGL code which may invoke an Mesa implementation error.

SourceForge development center
There are a lot of development advantages at SourceForge. The project Nautix offers you this homepage, a mailing list, download of its releases, file monitoring and much more.
The Nautix development site
Please subscribe the Nautix Mailinglist Nautix-devel!

Related programs
If you want to participate in Nautix development, you should have at least these programs:
Terraform, a fractal landscape producer (for the planets)
3DOM, a GPL'd object modeler (for 3D objects)

Interesting techniques and sites
There are some programs that I really like, either for inspiration or for production. For now I have used none of them directly for Nautix, but things can change. You might have a look at:
QGLViewer, corresponds NautixGL/NautixGLcore
XGL, a standardized XML subset for OpenGL
GNU Gaming Zone, for playing internet games
Linux Game Tome for nerds that need free fun

Who develops Nautix?
Well, this is currently only me (Josef). If you want to contribute something, have found a bug or painted a nice logo, or something else, the most simple thing is to write me a mail to

Traditional fighting in 0.03.2

The very first Planet