The download page
The latest version is 0.2.7. It does not include the whole game architecture as does 0.2.0. For developers, it is the only reasonable choice, but players should take both to get an impression of what is coming soon. Please check if you have all the libraries mentioned at the bottom of this page.

Stable versions
Nautix 0.2.5: (2000-06-25, not really stable)

Nautix 0.2.0: (2000-04-09)

Development versions
Nautix 0.2.7: (2000-07-24)

You can download additional planets from Nautix FTP. Later, there will be much more to choose.
Browse the FTP directory
Planet "Isle" (191x191 fields, 185 kB)
Planet "Rough" (80x80 fields, 38 kB)

Please unpack the themes in you .nautix user directory and change nautix.conf. A readme file is supplied with more information.
Theme "Middle Ages" (590 kB)
Theme "Alien Wars" (310 kB)
Items (experimental) (9 kB)

For the OpenGL graphics: Mesa 3D, at least 3.0, recommended is 3.2.1
(I did not test it with 3.3 yet.)
For Networking: Zombie, at least 0.71 or better
For the GUI: Qt, at least 2.1, recommended is 2.11

For old versions up to 0.2.0 you should also have:
Freetype 1.3.1, gltt 2.2, GLUT 3.7

Menus in version 0.02.1

Map and minimap