Nautix will be a full-featured Open Source game with a 3D view, multiplayer mode, customizable levels and a lot of items like wood, stone or gold. It is both realtime strategy and roleplay game, so it features Avatars as well as large armies. It can be played alone, in a local network or over the Internet. The 3D graphics are scalable to the speed of the computer and the needs of the player.

Obtaining Nautix
You can download Nautix and its documentation from the download page. If any questions occur during compilation or installation, please send a mail to one of the mail adresses listed in the README file. I will try to solve every problem and to fix every hard-coded bug.

Current state
Nautix is work in progress. You can already use it as chat, you can use it as mini-IRC, but playing is not yet possible. View the developers section to get to know the details.

The Knights of Europe
This is new: For the single player mode, but also usable in multiplayer matches, the theme "Knights of Europe" can be used. It shall become a more historic overlay on the game. There does also exist a modern theme, called "Alien Wars". You can create your own ones!

0.2.0 was cool

The latest version: 0.2.7!